Hi all, Well I finished the phone sock in a lovely shocking pink however I made it too small for an i phone! doh! SoI have to start all over again – I was so happy with it though as I used thin yarn and 4mm needles and it looked like my neatest knitting to date!

I have decided to knit myself a new handbag in Black yarn and to add texture I will be creating a chequered effect by knit 4, purl 4 etc for 4/5 rows then switching over! Pics will be loaded soon!

Will try hard this weekend to dedicate some time to knitting instead of boozing!!



I have two orders to complete this week! It’s wonderful making things for friends and watching the word spread! 

The Volunteer loved her phone sock, which I’m really pleased about! It’s only basic stuff at the moment whilst I build up my technique  and get a bit faster!

So after a bit of a manic weekend dedicated to booze not knitting I will commence one of the projects this evening! keep you posted!!


So happy,  I have found a local stitch and Bitch in Leicester. I had  lunch at the Dark Side Cafe – see link below – and the owner advised they have one every Wednesday 6pm until 8.30pm! Really looking forward to my first one! Hopefully be a great chance to meet other knitters and have a bit of a gossip!


Ha! Here’s the phone sock as requested by a volunteer from work, complete with her chosen logo!

Took me only a couple of hours to make – I have fallen in love with it and wish my phone would fit in so I didn’t have to give it to her!!

Stocking Stitch - Robin Chunky, Black and Freedom Wool, green. I want it!!

Here’s my first knitted purse, I followed a simple pattern and used garter stitch – not the most imaginative but since knitting this last week I have been experimenting with other stitches – to be be honset i am really not keen on stocking stitch – the way it curls drives me insane! Any advice??

5.5" by 4.5" purse in garter stitch

Josie (my Mum) was watching me knit the phone sock and wanted one for herself. She chose a knitted square that I made ages ago that fitted her rather large phone in perfectly and asked for a smiley face to be stitched on the front – so just for a laugh here it is!!  

Just for fun!

Today I was asked by a Volunteer at work to make a phone sock for her after I told her about my aspirations to to start a knitting business last Friday!

I have made a start on it today with the main body of the phone sock complete, all that is left for me to do is sew it up and she would like a specific symbol on the front which I will work on tomorrow…..

Hey it’s a start!!

Pictures will come soon!!